Washington Farm Bureau Endorses Kathy Lambert for King County Council

REDMOND, WA – Washington Farm Bureau today announced their endorsement of Kathy Lambert for King County Council in District 3. Washington Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization, representing the economic and social interests of more than 47,000 farm and ranch families.

“Farmers are a crucial part of our district, and I will always fight to support the families who work every day to put food on our tables,” said Kathy. “I am honored to have their endorsement, and their recognition of the work I’ve done on behalf of local agricultural families is a great signal that we are doing the right things to support our farmers and ranchers during difficult times.”

As a member of the County Council, Kathy has always prioritized the needs of our farm and ranch families. At the outset of the pandemic, Kathy ensured they were taken care of by supporting the county’s local food finder program, alleviating the effects of the COVID shutdowns on King County farms by connecting them with local customers. “The Local Food Finder is just one of many ways that King County is helping farmers throughout the region overcome the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted our neighborhood farmers markets. This creative program will help farmers recover from the impacts of COVID-19 as it connects them with new customers,” Lambert said.

Along with local tribes, farmers, and environmental groups, Kathy worked to clear ditches and protect farms from the devastating effects of flooding in our district. She has also helped implement policies to preserve our farms, ranches, and environment – while reducing flood risks to residents and infrastructure.

“Supporting the farmers and ranchers our families rely on should never be a question,” said Lambert. “I’m eager to continue my work on the Council to make sure they have what they need to keep our district fed and our economy thriving.”

Washington Farm Bureau is an independent, non-partisan, grassroots organization representing the interests of farmers and ranchers at the local, state, and national levels. At the end of the day, farmers in Kathy’s district are better off thanks to the great work her and her staff have accomplished at the county level. Farm Bureau is united for the purpose of achieving educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement for the state’s farm and ranch families.