Kathy is our non-partisan candidate, elected in 2017 with 57.3% of the vote.

Let’s Keep Kathy on the King County Council working for US!

Current and Former Public Officials

(Partial List)

Current and Former Public Officials

Continued… (Partial List)

Pete Lewis – Former Mayor of Auburn

Jared Nieuwenhuis – Deputy Mayor of Bellevue

Conrad Lee – Bellevue City Councilmember

Jennifer Robertson – Bellevue City Councilmember

Kim Lisk – Mayor of Carnation

Stuart Lisk – Former Mayor of Carnation

Dustin Green – Carnation City Councilmember

Jim Ribail – Carnation City Councilmember

Adair Hawkins – Carnation City Councilmember

Jeffrey Possinger – Former Mayor of Duvall

Becky Nixon – Former Mayor of Duvall

Jennifer Knaplund – Duvall City Councilmember

Toby Nixon – Kirkland City Councilmember

Santos Contreras – Former Kirkland City Councilmember

Sean Kelly – Mayor of Maple Valley

Ken Hearing – Former Mayor of North Bend

Chris Garcia – North Bend City Councilmember

Ross Loudenback – North Bend City Councilmember

Hank Myers – Former Redmond City Council

Dave Carson – Redmond City Councilmember

Karen Moran – Mayor of Sammamish

Phil Dyer – Former Mayor of Sammamish

Don Gerend – Former Mayor of Sammamish

Troy Romero – Former Mayor of Sammamish

John James – Former Sammamish City Councilmember

Ramiro Valderrama – Former Sammamish City Councilmember

Henry Sladek – Mayor of Skykomish

Frank Martin – Skykomish City Councilmember

Bob Jeans – Snoqualmie City Councilmember

Lucy DeYoung – Former Mayor of Woodinville

Elaine Cook – Former Mayor of Woodinville

Scott Wallace – Former King County Commissioner

Kathryn Kaluzny – Former Fire District Commissioner

Lori Watts – Fall City Parks Commissioner

Perry Wilkins – Fall City Parks Commissioner

Lyn Watts – Fall City Water District Commissioner

Angela Donaldson – Fall City Community Association President

Carol Van Noy – Riverview School District School Board

Danny Edwards – Riverview School District School Board

Cassandra Sage – Lake Washington School District School Board

Carolyn Simpson – Snoqualmie School Board

Kevin Hauglie – Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Commissioner

Dariel Norris – Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Commissioner

Emma Herron – Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Commissioner


(Partial List)

Community Leaders

(Partial List)

Perry and Robyn Balcom

Lindsay Baugh

Victor Bishop

Michael Bladow

Simon Briant

Kevin and Beth Burrows

John Cartmell

Stan Conrad

Alan Dance

Constance Dunn

Danny Edwards

David and Jeanne Elliott

Chris Falco

Kathy Finney

Reuben Flores

Dale Fonk

Susan Friedman

Chuck and Julie Gerringer

Stephen Gerritson

Dr. Melinda Giovengo

Elaine Gordon

Dan Griner

Stanley Gunno

Lois Gustafson

Barbara Hallowell

Erin Harris

Laurie Hauglie

Scott Jewett

Isabel Jones

Hossein Khorram

Valerie King

Jeanne Kirk

Elle Kirk

J.D. Klein

Cynthia Krass

Jerry Kroon

Matt Larkin

Ferrin and Nancy Lauve

David Maehren

Patti Mann

Sarah Marsh

Glynis Matula

Roy and Linda McIntosh

Ken Mortland

Charlyn and Josh Mueller

Robert Parks

Dean Patterman

Carol Peck

Randy Pebble

Stephen and Sally Rackets

Len Reid

Gary and Bonnie Remlinger

Emily Ridout

Jim and Peggy Ritcher

Julie Schaefer

Christine Soule

Mike and Leanne Stall

Diane Tebelius

David Tegeler

Dr. John Towers

Gardiner Vinnedge

Bob and Joan Wallace

Glen Wallace

Larry and Kathy White


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